About Lester Rivenbark

A Hard Working Family Man

Lester Rivenbark was raised in Pleasant Garden, NC. After High School he went to North Carolina A&T where he played 4 years of baseball. All throughout high school and college Lester worked in the family businesses. His Grandfather started an electrical company in 1970, the small business is now being ran by the 2nd generation. While working in the family business Lester accepted a job in 2011 working for DH Griffin/DARI.

During his time in college, Lester met the love of his life Amanda Rivenbark. After dating for 6 years they got married in 2013. Shortly thereafter, Amanda and Lester moved to Randolph County in 2014. This is where they feel God has called them to be and this is also where they started their family. Lester is now the proud father of two children, Alana and Wyatt.

The Rivenbark’s are members of West Asheboro Church of God. Lester and Amanda own a small homestead. They keep goats, chickens, as well as a dairy cow, and raise their own beef and pork. They grow, can, and preserve as much of their own food as possible.

During Lester’s time at DH Griffin/DARI, he has moved up from a laborer, to a lead man, to a Supervisor, and is now the Operations Manager in the DARI Greensboro office. Lester has learned many lessons from being in the construction industry his entire life. He is now ready to bring that knowledge to the County Commissioners Board.